Dolly Parton Pulls Name Out Of Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame Nominations

And Totally Earns My Respect

Misty Rae
2 min readMar 14, 2022


Photo Courtesy of Dolly Parton’s Instagram

I’ve made no secret about my feelings about this year's nominees for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Nothing against the nominees themselves or their talent in their respective musical genres, but let’s be honest. The inclusion of some of them really, and I mean really stretches the definition of rock and roll.

It’s not the Popular Music Hall of Fame, it’s the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Eminem? Rock and Roll? Not really. Rap, yes, rock, no. Lionel Ritchie? Rock and Roll? Not really. Dolly Parton? Rock and roll? Nope.

Now, don't get me wrong, Dolly is an icon! I love her. And I love her, even more, today after reading that she’s bowed out of the nomination process. Her reason, as stated by her on Instagram, was that “she hasn’t earned that right,” just yet.

Well, good for her! She astutely recognized that what she does, what she’s done, while phenomenal, just ain’t rock and roll. Why? because it isn’t. Country, yes. Country/pop crossover, sure. Rock, not even close.

Score one for common sense and integrity, something we don’t see much of these days.

In a world full of, well a lot of bad shit, be a Dolly.

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