Hey, I Didn’t Recognize You With Pants On!

Sometimes Smart Girls Say Embarrassingly Stupid Things

Misty Rae
4 min readJun 26, 2022


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I’m feeling rather nostalgic this weekend. I suppose it started with writing about my crazy childhood fears:

Suffice to say, I was a pretty weird kid. I’m also a pretty weird adult. I was probably pretty weird all the way through.

The trip back to childhood got me thinking about the past and led me to what was probably my most embarrassing moment ever in life. Thankfully, no one was hurt and looking back, it’s more hilarious than embarrassing.

It was September 1989. I had just begun my first year of university at the University of New Brunswick. The first week was zero classes and all fun. Parties, games, BBQs, it was an awesome blur of activity.

The incoming freshman class was about 5000 strong. We came from all over the country and the world. One of those 5000 was a boy we’ll call Joel. He was from Prince Edward Island and he was gorgeous! He was a clean-cut type, wholesomely handsome, sorta like Donnie Osmond, but cuter.

I remember he wouldn’t partake in the drinking that went on during Frosh Week (that’s what they call the week of parties and activities meant to welcome the new students). He said something about being on the Canada Games soccer team or something.

Anyway, did I mention he was gorgeous? There’s something about boys from PEI, maybe it’s in the potatoes, but every single one I’ve ever met has been cute as can be. But I digress. The weather was gorgeous all week and Joel always wore shorts. Every single day, shorts. Every single night, shorts. When we were wearing jeans, he was in shorts.

The first week ended on Friday morning with registration. it wasn’t like college registration now. There were no computers. There were no online portals. There was a lineup of all 5000 of us outside the Aitkin Centre, the University’s sports and entertainment arena, waiting to go inside, and walk around the arena floor to…



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