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Misty Rae
3 min readSep 23, 2022

30-Day Writing Challenge #9

Me, age 5 months (Photo property of the author

I’m not officially entered in Refresh The Soul’s 30-Day Writing Challenge that Nancy Blackman came up with.

I just found out about it a couple days ago when reading one of Courtney Capone’s stories. I suppose I could frantically play catch-up to make up for my tardiness, but, meh.

So instead, I’m just choosing to respond to the prompts in the challenge that speak to me and this one does:

9 Write about your name. Who named you and why? Does your name have meaning?

Before I continue, I do have to give Courtney a special shout-out because it was her story about her name that got me thinking that I should share my own tale. Here’s her story:

First, let me start by stating the obvious. Yes, Misty is actually my name. And yes, I have always hated it. Misty is the kind of name you give a dog (actually, I’ve known a few dogs with my name growing up), or maybe a stripper. I am neither a dog nor a stripper.

In school, the kids called me Misty-Piss-ty. I hated it.

Oh, and if one more person asks me if I was named for the Clint Eastwood Movie Play Misty For Me, I will seriously lose it!

Spoiler alert, I wasn’t named for the movie. It was released in October of 1971. I, on the other hand, was released in July of 1971.

My name was so bad that when my adoptive parents were at their lawyer’s office going over the…



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