Maybe This Writing Thing Might Work Out…

Getting A Confidence Boost Just When I Needed It Most

Misty Rae
2 min readMar 1, 2022


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It’s been a rough week as far as my writing goes. I struggled with motivation and writer’s block and found myself wanting to do just about anything besides write. For months, I haven’t been able to get noticed on Vocal. Seriously, not noticed, like my words could have been on literal fire and …nothing, nada, zip, zilch. And to top it off, my views here on Medium were down, and of course, that got me a bit surly.

It all got me wondering if this writing thing is worth it and even more, whether I have what it takes to ever turn my words into a full-time thing, you know, beyond wine and treat money.

I wasn’t going to totally throw in the towel, and I appreciate all of my followers, readers and new friends I’ve found through platforms like Medium and Vocal. I guess I was having myself a good old-fashioned pity party.

Well, the pity party’s over and now I feel like a bit of an ungrateful ass. But at least an ungrateful ass with a much-needed confidence boost.

Normally, I check my email obsessively on the days Vocal announces their challenge winners. Today, I didn’t. I was too busy trying to clean my wreck of a house. I didn’t realize the havoc a puppy would wreak on my normally clean and orderly home. That and I’m wiped out because puppies are more work than actual human babies (human babies don’t force you to go outside in frigid temperatures so they can pee).

Once I finally had a minute between laundry, puppy duty and mopping floors, I popped on Facebook only to find a slew of congratulatory messages. As it turns out I’d won first place in Vocal’s Hometown Heroes Challenge! Here’s my winning entry, if you wish to check it out:

Well, I just about peed my pants! I’m so humbled and honoured by this win, first because it was with an entry I didn’t think had a shot, and second because although I didn’t have much confidence in the story, it’s about 3 of my favourite men, my boys.

Now, I’m full of confidence again and ready to take on the world. Sometimes, all we need is a little boost, something to tell us we’re doing a good job and today, I’m thankful to have gotten that. :)



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